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Child Care and Pre-School in Croydon

More than simply a place for children 0-6 to learn and play, the Robyn Taylor Croydon early childcare centre is facilitated by one of the best educational psychologists Sydney. Croydon Childcare Centres are specially designed to enhance each child’s unique talents and learning capacity by integrating psychology into a childcare setting to assist in raising an emotionally intelligent child, we achieve great development outcomes.

Long Day Care and Early Learning at Croydon Early Childhood Centre

Through evidence-based strategies, we seek to foster each child’s cognitive abilities, emotional resilience, sense of stability and motivation at our day care, Croydon. Designed by a child psychologist, the centre places particular emphasis on assisting children to maximise their true potential via:

  • Extension of their gifts and talents.
  • Assistance with building cognitive abilities.
  • Building confidence & motivation to learn.
  • Responding to your child’s developmental needs.
  • Raising emotionally intelligent children.
  • Acknowledging desirable behavior.
  • Equipping parents with behaviour management programs.
  • Managing parenting challenges.
  • Pulling it all together – your bag of tricks.

Our Vision is for children to believe:

‘I am valuable and have a special place in this world. I know everyone’s road looks different: each road is just as important as the other. I can’t wait to go on my magical journey and reach the pot of gold at the end of my rainbow. I can fly’.

Long Day Care Croydon

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Long Day Care Croydon

Developed by a Child Psychologist

For over 40 years, Robyn Taylor has dedicated herself to understanding and developing strategies that assist children both cognitively and emotionally. As such, she has developed a unique child development and education framework – the Robyn Taylor Development Framework – which incorporates the Early Years Learning Framework alongside a range of approaches to support children’s educational, social and emotional development.