Robyn Taylor's Croydon Childcare Centre and Early Learning - Enrolling now for 2024

Croydon Child Care Centre

Our child development center is more than simply a place for children 0-6 to learn and play. The Robyn Taylor Croydon early childcare centre is run by one of the best educational psychologists in Sydney.

Our Croydon world of learning is specially designed to enhance each child’s unique talents and learning capacity. We do this by integrating psychology into a childcare setting to assist in raising an emotionally intelligent child. We achieve great development outcomes with every enrollment and benefit many children and families.

Brand New Purpose Built Childcare Centre Opening in Burwood January 2024. Click here to register your interest


Through evidence based strategies, we seek to foster each child’s cognitive abilities, emotional resilience, sense of stability and motivation. All of this and more is completed for each and every child at our child care in Croydon. Designed by a child psychologist, the centre places particular emphasis on assisting children to maximise their true potential. Children learn via:

  • Extension of their gifts and talents
  • Assistance with building cognitive abilities
  • Building confidence & motivation to learn
  • Responding to your child’s developmental needs
  • Raising emotionally intelligent children
  • Acknowledging desirable behavior
  • Nutritious meals
  • Equipping parents with behaviour management programs
  • Managing parenting challenges
  • Pulling it all together – our play based bag of learning tools

Our Vision is for children to believe:

‘I am valuable and have a special place in this world. I know everyone’s road looks different: each road is just as important as the other.

I can’t wait to go on my magical journey – I can’t wait to reach the pot of gold at the end of my rainbow, I can fly’.

Long Day Care Croydon

Our Childcare Centre in Croydon is Enrolling Now

Call 9705 8309 or click here to enrol your child at the Robin Taylor Croydon childcare centre today. We have preschool and kindergarten programs available at our kids development centre.

Long Day Care Croydon

Developed by a Child Psychologist

For over 40 years, Robyn Taylor has dedicated herself to understanding and developing strategies that assist children both cognitively and emotionally. As such, she has developed a unique child development and education framework – the Robyn Taylor Development Framework. This incorporates the Early Years Learning Framework alongside a range of approaches to support children’s educational, social and emotional development.

Our learning and development environment fosters care and education for young children. Our learning environment is highly recommended by parents and guardians of children who have taken part in our program.

The learning experience your children will receive is verified by a trusted, registered psychologist. Robyn has 40 years’ experience working in the early childhood education sector. Robyn Taylor understands educational psychology to a high degree and implements a national quality standard of education at all times.

If your child has learning difficulties with literacy or numeracy, we can help. Call us for a quick chat about what we can do to to support you in this respect. We’ll also show vacancies and fees when you speak to our friendly, capable team.


“The team at Robyn Taylor were instrumental in creating an environment that made my daughter shine. It was clear that they recognised her individual talents and fostered learning experiences to maintain her engagement and maximise her learning. All of the team are incredibly professional and we always felt informed and listened to.  We are incredibly grateful to the whole team for their continued care and kindness toward our family. “


“I’d just like to say a big thank you to you and Robyn for accepting our actual enrolment from day 1! We have loved every minute of being there, and the Robyn Taylor Centre has not only given her the best preparation for kindy, but also given her the best memories of Pre School to date! You have been extremely understanding and supportive in a lot of ways which I thank you! Your positive attitude and smile is always so nice to see! Your staff as I’m sure your already aware and have heard a million times, are truly some of the best we have ever come across to date!”


“Our Son has been at Robyn Taylor for 2 ½ years and we couldn’t be happier with our experience. Our Son loves going to school and has learnt so much from being there. The teachers are all amazing and we feel at ease knowing he is in such good hands. We also love that the schools values are so in line with our own and that Robyn works closely with the kids to ensure their individual needs are being supported. We highly recommend the school.”


“Words can’t express how special the Robyn Taylor Child Development Centre is.  It is a home away from home.  The staff go above and beyond, and their nurturing nature is like nothing I’ve seen before.  As for Ms Robyn Taylor, words can’t express the gratitude I have for the program she has developed for the children.  She is the benchmark for all early childhood education.  She is our future as she develops our children to create the brightest future, life can offer a child right from the beginning  of their lives. “


“We love coming to Robyn Taylor, there is a strong sense of care and warmth felt right across the centre. The girls adore their educators, I have complete peace of mind dropping them off each day. “


“My son was so well prepared for Kindergarten. The team at Robyn Taylor did an exceptional job in developing his school readiness capabilities at every level.  Thank you for all that you have done in nurturing his development and enabling a smooth transition to school.”


“The staff at Robyn Taylor are very patient and caring. They always welcome my son with open arms (literally!) and he is very excited when we reach the front door. He is learning new things every day and comes home happy. We couldn’t be more confident that he is in the best day care in the area. “


“The team at Robyn Taylor are so loving, nurturing, and professional.  They always go above and beyond and genuinely care for the well being of my daughter.  We’ve found it extremely difficult to part from the Robyn Taylor centre.  We even delayed moving house because we knew we would struggle to find their equivalent.


“Robyn Taylor is different from any centre I’ve experienced.  Their programs are comprehensive, stimulating and fun.  Their team is oozing with love and care for our children. They go the extra mile always and genuinely care.  Amazing centre!”


“The Robyn Taylor centre has been instrumental in the development and well-being of my children at all levels.  Thank you for being so kind, caring and loving.  We could not have asked for a better day care and are deeply grateful for all your efforts. Your passion, enthusiasm and commitment to our children will be hard to match. We hope many more young families are lucky enough to experience what we have.  Robyn Taylor & team, you rock”