5 Activities To Do When Spending Time With Your Child

In that precious little time we have to spend with our children, it can easy to get stuck for activities to do. It’s been years since most parents had any recreation time and their busy work schedule means it’s hard to stay current with what enthrals the kids. The following five exercises are suggested with the intention of inspiring our parents to spend some quality time with their child or children this weekend.

Play A Sport

Sometimes all a child needs is the freedom to run across a field of grass for an hour. Team building sports are also a fantastic way for your kids to develop their social skills while remaining healthy. Getting some exercise with your child and kicking around a soccer ball, passing a rugby ball or having a hit of cricket or tennis is a magnificent way to improve their skills while spending some time in the fresh air outside. They’ll feel confident the next time they’re at a game and will appreciate the time spent playing with you.

Play Video Games

If playing Xbox or PlayStation is something your kids are in to, don’t eschew sitting down and mashing on a controller for an hour with them. While it can be stressful playing for the first time, once you understand the mechanics of how to play, you’ll entertain your kid endlessly with your attempts at success in whatever world they’re visiting in their game. Be sure to be compliant with any in-game requests from your child, though! They have built that world themselves and it may have significant emotional attachment.

Bake Something

Baking is both a great way to show cooking skills and enjoy a tasty treat after everything’s finished. There are tonnes of recipes readily available online and a short trip to Coles or Woolworths will provide everything you need for usually under $15. Depending on the age of your child, you can delegate them responsibilities in the baking process like pouring and stirring. It’s definitely best practice to crack any eggs and place the goods in the oven yourself, though!

Make Craft

With newspapers, bottles, cardboard and other bric-a-brac located around most houses, some glue and sticky tape and coloured markers, you’re able to put together a wealth of creations that will inspire your child’s imagination while developing their tactile and motor skills. Dinosaurs are always a favourite to make, as are family members and other familiar people, characters and objects.

Read A Book

Reading a book is a great way to engage your child with the skills they’ll need to thrive later in life. Your local library stocks a wealth of children’s books that are free. Reading engages the learning centre of the brain and is a skill that’s needed throughout the rest of your child’s life. Reading is one of the best ways to spend time with your child and is as easy as sitting down and opening a book. Encourage them to try themselves but help with any difficult words.