5 Ways To Support Your Child In The Transition To School

The period of transition from preschool to school is one fraught with difficulties. A new routine, new classmates and new teachers can sometimes bring out the worst in kids. When your child is about to finish their early childhood education and commence their formal schooling, it helps to be supportive and considerate of the changes which undoubtedly have an impact on your child’s confidence as they continue to grow. We have prepared the following guide to help you support your kids as they make the transition to school.

Soothe Kids With Sensory Tools

If your child is fretting about starting school, allowing them to work out their stress physically using sensory toys can help them achieve a state of inner calm. In the nights leading up to their very first day, you can roll essential oils on your child’s wrist to help them calm down. By breathing in the essential oils, they are distracted from worry and their little bodies will unclench physically. Other toys like worry stones and fidget toys can also help kids distract themselves from stress in the leadup to school.

Read Books About School

One of the best ways to help kids feel comfortable with starting primary school is to read to them about the experience: what to expect, who to turn to for help and how to make the most of their time. By reading about the good bits and the bad bits you prepare children for the real thing and this can seriously boost their confidence levels,

Take Photos Of The Classroom To Prepare

It’s worth asking your child’s teacher for a photograph of the classroom before your little learner begins their first day. Using the photograph, you can identify some crucial elements of getting started at school, like, where your child can put their backpack, where the toilets are, where to sit and where to line up. Your child will feel like an expert from the minute they enter the classroom with some diligent preparation on the part of Mum or Dad.

Create An All About Me Sheet

It can really help teachers if you prepare a profile sheet which lists your child’s interests, strengths and areas of improvement prior to the start of formal learning. This way, the teacher knows what to expect when they meet your little learner for the first time and can respond appropriately if the stress of starting school gets too much for your kid,

Draw A Heart Button On Your Child’s Hand

You may draw a heart-shaped “button” on your and your child’s hand to anchor your connection before school starts. If your child is feeling scared or lonely they can press the button and “send a hug your way”. You can do the same. This visual anchor reassures your child that Mum or Dad are never far away and can reiterate that they will be there when the school day ends.

At Robyn Taylor Early Childhood Centre, we incorporate a range of strategies to help children feel comfortable when they start school. If you would like to learn more about our outdoor teaching, book a tour of our education centre or enrol your child, please use our contact page to reach out to us or call on 02 9705 8309.