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The Robyn Taylor Framework

This framework is based around early childcare education and the emotional development in children, at the very heart of Robyn’s philosophy is the acknowledgement that every child is unique, and brings to the world their own set of strengths and challenges.  Robyn’s approach is to work collaboratively with parents, carers and the child to maximise their true potential.

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Tailored Programs and Individualised Learning

Integrating evidence-based strategies with the Early Years Learning Framework (the government approved childcare curriculum), the Robyn Taylor Framework is concerned with identifying each child’s educational, emotional and social needs, and implementing tailored programs that bring out the best in every child.    Working with the centre’s educators and parents to implement these programs creates a supportive community in which the child feels confident and motivated to excel.

Recognising that each child is uniquely talented, the Robyn Taylor Framework seeks to identify and extend on those individual gifts and talents, so that each child is given an opportunity to shine.

Robyn’s approach is to create a safe and loving pathway for the child to experience stimulation, well-being and continued growth at all levels of their development.

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Nurturing Talents & Love for Learning

A unique aspect of The Robyn Taylor Framework for early learning child care is the incorporation of fun cognitive exercises and brain training. Scientific research has proven that the brain continues to develop throughout our lives if we continue to provide it with the correct diagnosed exercises and stimulation.

By correct diagnosis and educational exercises, brain training will enable new pathways in the brain to be opened up, allowing children to attain skills that they previously did not have. When introduced during children’s formative years, and coupled with the correct emotional and behavioral management plan, brain training will:

  • Strengthen and build cognitive abilities.
  • Stimulate a love for learning.
  • Improve confidence.
  • Create a stronger sense of self.

Our aim is to maximise each child’s true potential, and we pay special attention to nurturing each child’s unique talents and interests.

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A Stimulating Sensory & Eco-friendly Environment

The Robyn Taylor Framework emphasises the importance of a stimulating environment where children are given access to the right tools and techniques to develop motor skills, which are integral to a child’s development and are the foundation stone for developing future cognitive ability such as putting pen to paper, reading, writing and spelling skills.

Our resident Paediatric Occupational Therapist is part of our core service and will work with Robyn Taylor and educators to run group sessions that focus on developing children’s motor skills, and give children an opportunity to:

  • Take part in physical activities that engage their mind and body.
  • Explore all their senses.
  • Interact with and learn from nature.
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Specialist Programming Educators

Understanding that individualised programming for your child will require extra time and attention from our staff, the Robyn Taylor Framework deploys Specialised Programming Educators in addition to the child-staff ratios that are mandated by the NSW early education legislation.

Specialist Programming Eduactors will work collaboratively with parents and Robyn Taylor to implement you child’s individualised program during the time that they are placed under our care.

As part of creating a safe and nurturing environment for your child, as well as creating collaborative and effective teamwork, early learning child care educators at the Robyn Taylor Child Development Centre are carefully selected and psychometrically assessed.