Robyn Taylor Child Psychologist

Robyn Taylor is a child psychologist who for over 40 years, has dedicated herself to understanding and developing strategies that assist children both cognitively and emotionally. Holding a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (Macquarie University), a Master of Arts in Psychology (Sydney University) and a Diploma of Clinical Psychology (Sydney University), Robyn’s interests lie in helping children fulfil their true potential.

As such, she has developed a unique child development framework – the Robyn Taylor Framework – which incorporates the Early Years Learning Framework alongside a range of clinically proven strategies to support children’s emotional, psychological, social and cognitive development.

A Mother’s Journey

Robyn is a mother and a grandmother who has assisted many children through the application of her strategies. Robyn saw the potential for her approach to have greater reach to other children and families, and so the dream for establishing the Robyn Taylor Child Development Centre was born.

Extensive & Varied Experience

Throughout the course of her career, Robyn has worked in broad range of areas, within both the private and public domain. These include:

• Neurological assessments.
• Sensory integration & teaching research.

• Gifted and talented.
• Building cognitive abilities.

• Emotional and behavioural management techniques.
• Child and Family Community Centres.

Her vast experience has given rise to her rich and unique evidence-based approach to child care and early education.

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