Transition to School

A transition from childcare to school is a big step. It is a different environment: there is more structure, reduced teacher/ child ratios, new peer group, new routine. Cognitive development, and emotional resilience need to be sufficiently developed to provide children with a positive school experience which evolves until the age of 18, and then … Continue reading Transition to School

How To Gain Children’s Cooperation

As children come of age and enter their early learning phase, their newfound sense of independence and confidence help them socialise and gain acceptance amongst their peers. However, this period of development is also often characterised by an increasingly cheeky demeanour and a seemingly implacable desire to cause mischief wherever it lies. Children aged between … Continue reading How To Gain Children’s Cooperation

Hygiene at Home

Encouraging good hygiene habits in children while they are young helps them develop good life skills and stay healthy. Here are some simple hygiene rules you can follow to maintain a hygienic environment at home: Remind your child when they should wash their hands e.g. before eating, after using the toilet, after touching an animal etc. Model good … Continue reading Hygiene at Home

A Social Approach To STEM Learning

As children progress through their early childhood education, they begin to engage with STEM learning. Science, technology, maths and engineering is increasingly taught between ages 3-5 to prepare children for scientific learning that takes place during primary and secondary school. STEM learning is incredibly important to children’s development: for example, early maths skills are the … Continue reading A Social Approach To STEM Learning