COVID-19 Business Guidance For Child Care Services

More coronavirus cases have arisen in New South Wales recently. The NSW Government has released a guide for the benefit of early childhood education and child care centres. Robyn Taylor early learning and childcare centre is compliant with all of the measure listed below. 

We understand that children are at risk of contracting coronavirus, although they are more likely to have a milder illness and not show any noticeable symptoms.  We recognise that the virus does transmit readily among children according to research conducted in NSW schools.  Despite this, we are in the process of planning measures in the event that the pandemic shocks the broader community. 

Measures To Minimise COVID-19 at Pre Schools

If children or staff are sick with even mild symptoms that are characteristic of influenza, they are to stay at home.

If a child or staff member becomes sick while at the day care centre, they will be separated immediately. They will be sent home as soon as is possible.  They can only return to the centre with a medical clearance from the GP. 

Families and guardians will drop off and pick up children at the front door to minimise congestion on the premises and transmission among adults. 

Washing hands with soap and water will be done upon entry to the centre, before activities and before meals to maintain COVID-19 hand hygiene. Alcohol based sanitiser will be supplied and supervised in its application.

We are developing a process to rapidly communicate with staff, parents and visitors, and work closely with our public health unit and regulatory authority. 

We are ensuring good cleaning practice to maintain a hygienic early learning world. We are telling out cleaners to maintain the same protocols as they do for cleaning during gastrointestinal outbreaks.

We are limiting the movement of children between groups at our service where possible.

We are deciding whether or not to cancel activities that occur outside our service and any large gatherings.

We are promoting the annual influenza vaccine for staff, children and their families.

We are not recommending that face masks be warn. Only children, families or staff who are sick in isolation should wear one.

International Returns Guidelines

All staff, children and visitors who have travelled overseas must stay at home for 14 days after returning to the country. If they notice any flu symptoms present that are characteristic of the flu, they are to arrange testing for coronavirus immediately.

The impact of COVID-19 has undoubtedly been felt by everyone living in Australia. We sustain a continued connection with the Department of Health’s releases and for the moment, business continues as normal. We will continue to stay up to date with public health news and assistance programs.

Please trust us that these measures are for the good health of your children and families. We want nothing other than a quick end to the pandemic. We are doing all we can to sustain a preventative and hygienic early learning and childcare environment. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

For over 40 years, Robyn Taylor has dedicated herself to understanding and developing strategies that assist children both cognitively and emotionally. As such, she has developed a unique child development and education framework – the Robyn Taylor Development Framework. This incorporates the Early Years Learning Framework alongside a range of approaches to support children’s educational, social and emotional development.