Early Learning and Open Communication – The Benefits for Your Child

Early learning sets the foundations for your child’s life-long educational journey, and open communication between parents and educators can help to ensure your child’s experience is a positive and rewarding one. Through effective communication, educators can assist in easing the transition between life at home and care, helping your child feel more confident and instilling a sense of belonging during their time with us. In this blog post, Robyn Taylor will be highlighting some effective communication strategies and some helpful information you may wish to share.

The Benefits of Keeping in Touch

As a leading Croydon childcare facility, our staff are passionate about providing quality care for every child. As a parent you will always be the primary caretaker of your child, but whilst your child is in our care, we want to make their experience a positive and rewarding one. We’re always happy to hear from parents, as this will enable us to accommodate your child to the best of our ability. Some helpful information you may wish to share with us include:

  • Any special needs your child may have/require
  • Unique interests, likes and dislikes
  • Favourite foods
  • Sleeping patterns
  • Your child’s current health and wellbeing
  • Any significant life events which may have occurred (E.g. passing of a family member, a new sibling etc.)

Knowing this information, our staff will be able to tailor the childcare experience to best meet your/your child’s needs and preferences. We can also assist with managing parenting challenges, so please don’t hesitate to speak with a member of staff at any time.

Tracking Your Child’s Progress

As educators, nothing pleases us more than seeing the transformational journey each child undergoes. We believe it is important to keep parents updated on their child’s progress, so that you can nurture your child’s growth at home. This comes in the form of both verbal communication as well as updates provided in the QuickKids ‘My Family Lounge’.

We share information such as:

  • Daily Activities
  • Observations on your child’s mood and behaviour
  • Your child’s interaction with their peers and educators
  • Any issues your child may experience, as well as accidents incurred on-site
  • Dietary, sleeping and toileting habits
  • Strengths and areas in need of improvement

Communicating with Your Child at Home

Communication between parent and child is just as important, and this involves both praise and encouragement as well as listening and responding to their thoughts. Active listening is important, and you can express interest by asking them to elaborate on their thoughts. You might do so by saying things such as “Tell me more” or “Really!”, which demonstrates intent listening and encourages further communication. By setting up clear and open communication at a young age, you will be strengthening your bond with your child whilst paving the path for future success.

Children experience a lot of emotions – ranging from anger to joy, frustration, fear and anxiety. Over time, you will learn to read your child’s body language and discover tactful ways of responding to these feelings. For example, if your child seems unusually quiet you might ask whether there is anything worrying them.

Family mealtimes are the perfect time for open communication and discussion, but you can also set aside some one-on-one time with your child. By showing your child that you value their thoughts and feelings, they will start to grow their vocabulary and social skills which will benefit them throughout early childhood and beyond.

Robyn Taylor Early Learning Centre Croydon – Enrolling Now

The team at Robyn Taylor aim to provide the best possible education for every child, and we believe open communication is key to this. Utilising evidence-based strategies, we seek to foster each child’s cognitive abilities, emotional resilience, sense of stability and motivation.

Robyn Taylor child development centre is enrolling now – to schedule a tour, please call 02 9705 8309 or make an enquiry via our website. We look forward to welcoming you and your child soon.