Educational and Fun Summer Activities for Children

For many people, summer is the best part of the year. However, under the current circumstances with unpredictable temperatures and significant air pollution from the raging bushfires, it may be necessary to limit exposure to the outdoors. Rather than spending time indoors with technology devices, the summertime is the perfect opportunity to introduce children to new activities which contribute towards their self-development alongside physical, cognitive and emotional growth.

Looking for some inspiration? Below are a few popular summer activities for children which can begin in the home and will also help to support your child’s learning whilst at Robyn Taylor Child Development Centre.


It’s never too early to introduce children to cooking, as they will quickly develop an understanding of nutrition, the names of fresh produce and how different ingredients combine to create a delicious meal. Start simple by picking up a few fresh fruits and veggies, which can be used to create refreshing smoothies and ice blocks. You can then progress towards more elaborate recipes as your child develops their skills in the kitchen.

At Robyn Taylor Child Development Centre, we also support a healthy attitude towards nutrition through cooking demonstrations and involvement in caring for our on-site herb and vegetable garden.

Create a Picture Book

Nurture your child’s creativity by giving them the opportunity to work on a picture book in their spare time. Simply pick up a blank exercise book and some pencils or crayons and let their imagination run wild. Upon completion, your child can bring the book to day-care where it will be read during story time along with other students work.


Children love to complete puzzles, and this activity is great for improving hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Puzzles require the use of the hands, brain and eyes all in tandem. Parental supervision is important for young children, as the pieces can often be small. Doing puzzles is a great way to escape from the heat whilst engaging the mind, and your child will have a great sense of satisfaction once the puzzle is complete.

Obstacle Courses

Obstacle courses provide the perfect challenge for children, both within their construction and the ability to conquer them. They don’t always have to be held outdoors, and you can set aside a small part of your home for your child to start building a small course out of objects such as chairs, crepe paper ribbon, bean bags, cushions, carpets and other household materials. Obstacle sources help to develop co-ordination and risk assessment skills, and children of all ages have a lot of fun with them.

Finger Painting

Finger painting is a popular activity within childcare centres, and it can also be done at home. All you need is a piece of paper and a selection of primary colours. There are many benefits attached to finger painting, such as learning about the mixing of primary colours, stimulation of the senses (touch, sight, hearing, smell), creativity and fine motor skills. Most children find finger painting to be both relaxing and fun, and you can hang the finished piece up on the wall to serve as a reminder of their artistic ability.

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