Effective Ventilation Stops The Spread of COVID-19

As Robyn Taylor Child Development Centre starts to accept students again, we have taken some steps to further minimise the risk of COVID-19 transmission between students. The strategy described in this blog edition comes as lockdown was lifted on October 18. The focus of our COVID-19 prevention strategy is the implementation of effective ventilation and air purification at our school. The strategy has been recommended by the NSW Government and is further substantiated by research in the early childhood education sector.

Why is Ventilation Important in Early Childhood Education?

We know that COVID-19 is airborne – this means that it can spread via aerosols suspended in the atmosphere. The COVID-19 virus spreads far more quickly indoors than outdoors. Research has demonstrated that harmful COVID-19 particles are transmitted between people faster indoors than outdoors. Because children are labelled as vulnerable people, it’s important to maximise ventilation available to them during their early childhood education.

Does Ventilation Stop COVID-19 Spreading?

The NSW Health Department recommends the use of open or well-ventilated spaces to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission. Increasing ventilation available from outdoor areas and utilising outdoor spaces whenever possible has been classified an important strategy in reducing the risk of aerosol transmission. 

It’s further recommended that early childhood education centres should reduce the number of people in an indoor space using an indoor space at the same time. Children and teachers should be separated as much as possible into small groups and must be encouraged to use separate areas of childcare centres throughout the day. This ensures that diffusion of harmful germs and bacteria occurs quickly, thereby reducing the risk of children breathing in such particles and becoming sick.

While increasing ventilation in early childhood education centres is an effective method of preventing the spread of the virus, it must be combined with other strategies, such as widespread vaccination, sanitisation and other preventative measures.

How Does Robyn Taylor Comply With Ventilation Requirements?

At Robyn Taylor Child Development Centre, our play rooms are all well ventilated with large double doors which open up to the outdoors. This allows plenty of fresh air into each of our rooms and enables effective ventilation of indoor spaces used by our students when they are learning and playing. Furthermore, we have invested in air purification equipment which shall be fitted into our air conditioning system to provide added precaution. This equipment filters out harmful particles in the air before cooling is distributed by the air conditioning.

At Robyn Taylor Early Childhood Centre, we encourage full compliance with NSW Health Department recommendations for preventing the spread of COVID-19. As our children begin to study at our centre once again, we offer well-ventilated spaces to ensure they are safe as they play and learn. If you would like to learn more about our COVID-19 prevention policy, book a tour of our education centre or enrol your child, please use our contact page to reach out to us or call on 02 9705 8309.