Fun and Educational Activities for Kids in Sydney 

Taking the kids out in Sydney can be done cheaply and in provision of a fun learning experience they will always remember. There are a range of different activities in Sydney that offer great fun and an educational experience. Museums, zoos and aquariums, botanical gardens, art galleries and historical sites each offer their own unique benefits and can be patronised at any time for a small fee; if not for free. Taking children on excursions to destinations like these is important for their development, socialisation and entertainment. In this blog post we list a range of fun and educational activities for kids in Sydney. 

Museums and Science Centres 

In Sydney there are two main museums: the Powerhouse Museum and the Australian Museum. These both consistently have exhibits on display full of wonderful and weird phenomena that can teach children about the natural world, science, engineering and maths. Interactive exhibitions offer great entertainment value and kids will learn a lot while exploring the items on display. 

Zoos and Aquariums 

Zoos and aquariums offer significant potential for learning about the natural world. Animals and marine life from all across the world can be seen in a recreation of their natural habitat and children can learn about their behaviour when you read to them from the plaques at Taronga Zoo, Sydney Aquarium or Sydney Wildlife Park. Shows include feeding time and live entertainment: these are the best ways kids can learn about how animals interact in the animal kingdom and about their habits, rituals and place in the food chain. 

Botanical Gardens and Nature Reserves 

Taking the kids outdoors is a great way to get them some vitamin D and fresh air. Botanical gardens and nature reserves like the Royal Botanical Gardens (which is free), The Royal National Park and Lane Cove National park offer many walks and trails which can show kids the natural world and give them the opportunity to learn about flora from around the world, native fauna and local ecosystems. Taking the children outdoors is always a good opportunity for the whole family to get some exercise and smell the fresh air. 

Art Galleries and Creative Workshops 

Art galleries and creative workshops are open frequently around Sydney and present kids with the chance to be inspired by the world’s most-famous artists and explore their creative side, respectively. The Art Gallery of New South Wales and The Museum of Contemporary Art are the two largest galleries in Sydney, although there are a plethora of other smaller galleries that are no less valuable in terms of their teaching potential. Indeed, it’s these smaller galleries that often have creative workshops on: opportunities where kids can come along and play with different mediums to create building artworks you will cherish for years to come. 

Historical Sites and Heritage Villages 

Historical sites are a fantastic way to learn about Australia’s past for children. Cockatoo Island, The NSW Barracks, St Andrews and St Marys Cathedral, Sydney Opera House and The Sydney Harbour Bridge and indigenous sites at Looking Glass Bay, Looking Glass Point, and Bill Mitchell Park all provide wonderful learning experiences when you’re equipped with a guide or the right knowledge and provide inspiration for a sense of pride to be Australian. 

If you are looking for something to do with the kids on the weekend or on a registered day off, a basic Google search of the titles above will reveal a world of opportunity for your family in Sydney. There are sometimes small fees involved with visiting some of the sites listed above, but there are always free options available too. Fun and educational activities for kids are a great thing to do and will teach the children a lot!