Preparing For Returning Back to School

As we enter the warmer months of 2022, many children will be beginning their early childhood education at a local preschool. While this time is undoubtedly exciting for children and parents, it can also be fraught with nervousness and uncertainty. Leaving the home and the care of Mum and Dad for the first time can be daunting. Children may be scared to leave the nest for such a long time or shy about meeting their peer group. In these cases, it pays to have a plan in place to help children acclimate to the change and settle into their new preschool surroundings as quickly as possible. In the blog post below we discuss a few simple strategies parents can employ to ensure children are ready for their early childhood education when the time comes. 

Prepare With A Story 

By the time your child is preparing for preschool, you have undoubtedly been reading to them regularly for a while. Children often delight in reading time; as they learn about wonderful worlds filled with fictional characters. Reading stories about starting school can be an excellent way to prepare your child for any separation anxiety that may come with starting preschool for the first time. Once your child sees that starting preschool is a normal part of growing up and their first day can only have a positive conclusion they will hopefully be in a better emotional state when you drop them off for the first time. ‘Wombat Goes To School’ by Jackie French and ‘Starting School’ by Janet and Allan Ahlberg are two great stories which can help parents help children adjust to the thought of starting school. 

Anchor a Connection With A DIY Photobook 

If your child is particularly nervous about starting school for the first time, it can help to give them a handmade photo album full of pictures of Mum, Dad and baby together. Explain what the item is to your child’s teacher and ask that if your child is particularly fretful at any point during their first day that they go through the album together. When your child is feeling more confident they can share memories from the photo album with their peers as a way to make friends. 

Establish a Routine 

Part of the difficulty of adjusting to a new environment is getting used to the unique routine. It can help your child if you are aware of the daily structure of their early childhood education and map this out visually for them before they start their first day at preschool. Go through each item on the routine and explain what it is to give your child some context to their return to school. 

Add a Personal Touch 

Sometimes by simply slipping a love note into your child’s lunchbox you can significantly brighten their day. Let your child know that you care about them and miss them with your written word. 

Contact Robyn Taylor 

At Robyn Taylor Early Childhood Centre, we incorporate a range of strategies to help children get used to their return to school. If you would like to learn more about the Robyn Taylor Teaching Method, book a tour of our education centre or enrol your child, please use our contact page to reach out to us or call on 02 9705 8309.