Sleep Is Important For Children To Reach Their Optimum Performance Levels In All Areas Of Life

  1. Quality of sleep is as important as the amount of sleep your child has each night.
  2. A good sleep routine is essential for children’s sleep.
  3. A lack of sleep affects children’s behaviour, emotional regulation and school performance.
  4. Three year old’s need approximately 12 hours of sleep a night, six to twelve year old’s need 10 hours sleep a night.
  5. When children sleep each night the body reorganises chemicals that assist the communication of brain cells, which assist to eliminate toxins that cause disease whilst children are sleeping.
  6. The pituitary gland releases a growth hormone during sleep, which essential for their development.
  7. Children release proteins called cytokines during sleep, which assists to fight infections. The amount of sleep you get affects the immune system.
  8. Studies have shown children who don’t get enough sleep, are more inclined to get Type 2 diabetes; children’s bodies react better to insulin levels when they have enough sleep.
  9. Studies have shown children who have poor sleep habits are more inclined to have ADHD.

Let’s combat sleep deprivation in children.

Robyn Taylor

BA(Macq), MA(Syd), Dip Clinical Psychology(Syd)