Staying Motivated While Working From Home

Prior to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was estimated that one in three Sydney employees regularly works from home. This number has undoubtedly increased since Government action to lockdown Sydney as a countermeasure to the outbreak was taken in early 2020. Working from home has been shown to deliver increased flexibility and availability of time with family as well as the additional benefit of a rent-free work environment. Work-from-home employees have claimed they are more productive and enjoy longer hours logged in to their remote working environment, but it’s not always as simple as it sounds. Long periods of isolation can lead to unhealthy mental wellbeing which can make it hard to concentrate and remain engaged with your work at home. We have taken the liberty of providing these helpful tips for you to consider during this time while you work at home.

Maintain Your Daily Routine As Much As Possible

Leading psychologist Dr Emily O’Leary has said that it’s important to create a ‘new normal’ while maintaining your routine. Get up at the same time you usually would, enjoy the same morning coffee and stick to your daytime and nightly schedule as if you were still operating from the office. It’s not helpful to work yourself to the bone while alone, so if you’re feeling hyper-productive, try to force yourself to maintain a regular schedule.

Exercise Regularly To Maintain Motivation

Exercise is consistently shown to improve concentration, motivation and resting energy levels. Even if you’re practising social distancing, it’s still possible to work out from the comfort of your own home to keep yourself focused on your work. Conversely, it’s particularly difficult to remain focused if you’re bludging and flicking on Netflix on the telly when you’re working at home. Why not switch the lunchtime downtime with a 20-30-minute workout or yoga session to improve your physical health? Videos are available for free on YouTube and other social media sites and can be a great way to maintain your wellbeing.

Play Some Soft Music While You Work

Studies have shown that playing music while working or studying has been shown to increase productivity and the length of time people are able to work before taking a break. While the latest electronic dance track might not be conducive to an efficient working environment, some classical music or other light melody with the volume turned down can be an effective way to maintain your efforts while at your home desk. Play with different tunes until you have a mix that suits your tastes.

Take A Break From The News

A constant stream of negative information takes a huge psychological toll, so if you’re feeling a little world-weary following overconsumption of coronavirus news try logging out temporarily and read something else. The World Health Organisation recommends limiting your intake of information to just once or twice per day. It’s also good to seek information giving practical advice, not opinions about the future.