Strathfield Long Daycare

Robyn Taylor Child Development Centre is your local Strathfield childcare centre, located at 65 Church Street, Croydon NSW 2132. We believe that every child is unique, possessing a range of skills worthy of nurturing from a young age to help maximize their full potential. We are a leading choice of long daycare near Strathfield for local families due to our reputation for quality education and compassionate care within a homely and supportive environment.

Open Monday to Friday from 7:30 am to 6:30pm, our childcare centre near Strathfield caters to the needs of working parents. Our centre is just an 8-minute drive or short train ride away and offers 60  places for children ranging from 0-6 years.

Robyn Taylor Childcare Centre Strathfield uses a framework based around early childcare education combined with aspects of childhood psychology. We aim to support the cognitive, social and emotional development of children with individualised programs, whilst encouraging them to explore, engage with their peers and develop a sense of belonging within their community. Utilising a comprehensive curriculum designed by a qualified psychologist, every child is given the opportunity to shine and to reach their true potential,  giving them the best possible start in life and helping to ease the transition into primary school. We look forward to welcoming your family into our community.

Purpose Built Childcare Centre Strathfield

Our Strathfield centre operates in a long daycare format. It is a modern yet homely centre tucked away on a quiet residential street, and is equipped with a wide range of educational facilities including 3 separate activity rooms, two cot rooms, a milk preparation room and a commercial kitchen. We also have beautifully landscaped gardens and a fully covered deck, in addition to a purpose built mud kitchen, vegetable garden and a playground. This makes our Strathfield daycare and pre-school a safe, stimulating sensory and eco-friendly environment for children of all ages.

With a focus on the development of fine and gross motor skills, our highly trained Strathfield educators give children every opportunity to participate in physical activities, engage with nature and explore their senses. Working in close collaboration with you as the parent, we are equipped to develop individualised programs, which extend your child’s gifts and talents and strengthen areas of development, for the time your child is placed under our care.

With a comprehensive pre-school program, our educators ensure your child bridges the gap between childcare and their first year of Primary School, equipping them with the cognitive abilities, social and emotional skills, confidence and self-esteem to be set up for success from their very first day.  We want every child to have a positive experience at Robyn Taylor early learning centre near Strathfield, and we are passionate about helping Inner West families manage the early learning journey. We look forward to welcoming you soon.

Robyn Taylor Child Psychologist Strathfield

With more than 40+ years experience working as a child psychologist, Robyn Taylor draws upon her knowledge and skills to deliver a unique educational framework designed to maximise the true potential in every child. Working in close collaboration with parents, carers and the child, Strathfield day care is the ideal choice for every child. Robyn is particularly skilled in the following aspects of early childhood education:

  • Gifted and Talented
  • Building Cognitive Abilities
  • Emotional and behavioural management techniques
  • Child and Family Community Centres
  • Neurological Assessments
  • Sensory Integration & Teaching Research