Transition to School

A transition from childcare to school is a big step. It is a different environment: there is more structure, reduced teacher/ child ratios, new peer group, new routine.
Cognitive development, and emotional resilience need to be sufficiently developed to provide children with a positive school experience which evolves until the age of 18, and then further onto
Tertiary studies.

Helpful tips:

  1. Starting school brings up a range of emotions for parents and children, such as excitement, fear, curiosity and worry.
  2. Discuss these feelings with your children, let your child know these feelings are only temporary. Explain and give examples of previous situations where your child has commenced something new. Discuss how your child coped and is now comfortable e.g swimming lessons, ballet, etc.
  3. Read books about your first week at school. Let your child talk to other children who remember their first day and weeks at school.
  4. Arrange play dates with other children in their class, create a network of parents where social activities can be arranged
  5. Practise having a lunch box, packing their school bag.
  6. This is a difficult time for parents; it is important parents’ anxieties or worries are not translated to the children.
  7. Take your child to the school, have pictures of the school in a central area of the house. Discuss the sequence of events that will happen on school days. Talk about it, draw it, and colour in the picture.
  8. Make a special time to discuss your child’s apprehensions when they commence school, and assure them they will get through it.


Robyn Taylor
BA(Macq), MA(Syd), Dip Clinical Psychology (Syd)